Chisan-in Teien – Garden

Information : Chisan-in Teien | 智積院庭園

When it was Shounzen-ji temple which Hideyoshi Toyotomi erected, the basics were made. After Hideyoshi died, this temple became the head temple of the Chisan Branch of Shingon Sect in the early 17th century. The garden style that modelled Mt.Roh in China is the inheritance which is valuable as a pioneer of the Tsukiyama style (an artificial mountain made from sand and soil), and the pond of the garden gets into the space under the floor of the study room like the manner of Heian era palatial architecture. Since an azalea blooms, especially from May to June, it can be called a best opportunity to visit here.

The wall painting which Tohaku Hasegawa and his son Kyuzo drew on this temple by Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s order can be seen. The picture of Maple , The picture of Cherry , The picture of Mallow and pine? and The picture of pine and grasses of Autmun are designated as National treasures.

Hours : 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Fee : Adult / 500 yen


964 Higashikawaracho, Higashiyama ward, Kyoto city, Kyoto


- 10 min by bus from Kyoto Sta. to Higashiyama Nanajo Sta. or - 10 min walk from Keihan Nanajo station

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