Old spots in Yokohama − Kanagawa

Old spots in Yokohama | 横浜の古き良き街並

Photo by Fukkun_CFP

Information :

After the end of Japan’s isolation in the 19th century, Yokohama port was opened to foreign ships and the area was set as foreign colony. Then Yokohama was destroyed by the Kanto great earthquake in 1923 as same as Tokyo city. People rebuilt this area and now here become the mixed cultural area.

Cultural Spots in this area :

  • Nihonodori street
  • Red brick warehouse
  • Yamashita park
  • The Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery
  • Avenues etc..

Access :

  • 35 min by train ( Toyoko line ) from Shibuya Sta. to Minatomirai Sta.
  • 30 min by train from Shinagawa Sta. to Yokohama Sta. then change a train to Minatomirai Sta.


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