The Castle town of Gujyohachiman – Gifu

The Castle town of Gujyohachiman
Yanaka Komichi at Gujyohachiman

The famous summer festival called “Gujyo Odori” on which people dance at night is held from the mid of July to the early September. It continues thirty two nights. Gujyohachiman is also called the city of water and people can see waterways at which kids play and people wash clothes.

Spots in this area :

  • Gujyohachiman castle
  • 13 temples
  • Yanaka Mizuno Komichi street > The marker on this map
  • Kajiyamachi street and Shokuninmachi street

Video :

Access to Gujyohachiman? :

2 hours 30 min by train from Nagoya Sta. to Gujyohachiman Sta. (Nagoya> Minoota > Gujyohachiman)

*There are 12 trains per day from Minoota Sta. to Gujyohachiman Sta.


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