Hachigata Castle

Hachigata Castle (鉢形城)


It was a natural fort which has Arakawa at the back and has the Fukazawa river in the front. The place was the foothold that was very important to dominate Kanto region, therefore many battle were happened here. Hachigata castle was built in 1476 by Kageharu Nagao. On the time when Hojo established hegemony in the Musashi province, did Ujikuni Hojo enter this castle around 1564. The most famous story about this castle is : When Odawara war was occured by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1590, vassals ,Kagekatsu Uesugi and Toshiie Maeda, attacked here with 35,000 warriors but this castle defended for a month with only 3,000 protectors.

Built in : 1476

The main lord of a castle : Kageharu Nagao

In Use : Until 1590


Hachigata, Yorii town, Saitama


25 min walk from Yorii station (Chichibu railroad/ Tobu Tojo line)

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