Hikone Castle

Hikone Castle (彦根城)

Hikone castle (photo by Kotodamaya)

Information :

Many parts of the main castle were relocated from Otsu castle(Shiga). Stone walls were moved from Sawayama castle owned by Mitsunari Ishida.This castle is one of the 12 existing main castles in Japan and? one of four castles designated as the national treasure.

Built in : 1622

The main lord of a castle : Naosuke Ii

In Use : Until 1874

Hours : 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Fee : 600 yen

Inside Hikone castle (photo by Kotodamaya)

Rakurakuen landscape garden(photo by Kotodamaya) Hikone Castle2( photo by Kotodamaya)


1-1 Konki town, Hikone city, Shiga


10 min walk from Hikone Sta. (JR Tokaido line)

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  1. kodaman より:

    There is the landscape garden Genkyuen located right next to Hikone castle. Many restaurants, Japanease sweets stores and souvenir shops are lined on Oldnew town "Yumekyobashi castle road". If you go to the end of this street from Hikone castle, it becomes very far from Hikone Station. When going there, I walked a lot to go back to the station but missed a train.