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About Fireworks in Japan

What is the difference of fireworks of Japan and its of Europe or America? It is said that the shape of Japanese one is very round.

Fireworks was introduced to Europe and America from China in about the 13th century. It is assumed that the 16th century in which gunpowder and the gun was transmitted from China to Japan was a start .

Th first specialty company of fireworks was “KAGIYA” started its business in the Edo period. This oldest company has still continued. The first Fireworks festival was held at the Ryogoku Bridge (Sumida river )by Kagiya and Tamaya which set up in Kagiya’s own business in the middle in the 17th century. ( The god of harvest’s in the Shinto shrine holding the key (Kagi in Japanese) in the mouth originates in the name of Kagiya. )

You might see Japanese people might sometimes shout “TAMAYA!” and “KAGIYA!” in the strike at the same time during fireworks events.

In the Edo period, people shouted same words when Tamaya’s or Kagiya’s fireworks was launched. After that, it came to become the summer feature and about thousands fireworks festivals are held during year now.

On Kotodamaya, about 10,000 displays or more held in the whole country were picked up with major fireworks of Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Especially, what should be paid attention is the following fireworks of Japanese three major fireworks and festivals displaying 15,000 or more. I want you to visit it by all means if there is a chance to see fireworks when you come to Japan. Besides, a fireworks display is also a good opportunity to wear a yukata (Cotton kimono for summer).

Say Tamaya and Kagiya!!!

Three major Fireworks Festivals in Japan

Famous Fireworks Festivals (over 20,000)

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The marker on this map : The origin of the firework in Japan – Sumida river


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