Komagata Jinja

Information : A construction year is unknown. The main shrine is located in Mizusawa ward and the deepest-placed shrine is located on the top of Mt.Komagatake. Afte Meiji period started, this shine was designated as the most important shrine in Rikuchu Province (Now called Iwate prefecture).

Enshrined Deity :

Komagata no ookami (駒形大神) Composed of six gods

Amaterasu oomikami (天照大御神)

Amenotokotachi no mikoto (天之常立尊)

Kuninosatsuchi no mikoto (国之狭槌尊)

Wagatsu no mikoto ( 吾勝尊)

Okise no mikoto (置瀬尊)

Hikohohodemi no mikoto (彦火火出見尊)


1-83 Nakayenocho, Mizusawa ward, Oushuu city, Iwate


10 min walk from Mizusawa Sta.( Tohoku main line)

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