Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle (熊本城)

Information : In 1469 -1487, that Kikuchi clan built Chiba castle was the beginning. In 1591, Kiyomasa Kato started to build Kumamoto castle, completed in 1600 , had changed the name from Kumamoto (隈元) to Kumamoto(熊本) in 1606. During Seinan war (Japan’s last civil war in 1877), Tani Tateki who led 4,000 government troops fought against Takamori Saigo and defended from its attacks at Kumamoto castle. Since that attack was very fierce, castles, stone walls and turrets were damaged a lot but externals of the main and sub castle were restored in 1960.

Built in : 1600

The main lord of a castle : Kiyomasa Katoh

In Use : Until? 1874

Fee : 500 yen

Kumamoto Castle 1 (photo by Kotodamaya)Kumamoto castle 2 (photo by Kotodamaya) Kumamoto Castle 4 (photo by Kotodamaya)


1-1 Honmaru, Kumamoto city, Kumamoto


10 min by train from Kumamoto station

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