Oka Castle

Oka Castle? (岡城)

Information : This castle was built by Koreyoshi Ogata in 1185 in order to help Yoshitsune Minamoto. After Meiji restoration(1868), it was demolished by the law. Therefore only stone walls can be seen now. Rentaro Taki , a famous Japanse composer, wrote the song ” Kojo no tsuki (Moon at a ruined castle)” with his memory of his playing at Oka castle in the childhood.

Built in : 1185

The main lord of a castle : Shiga clan??????????

In Use : Until 1871

Live Camera : http://www2.city.taketa.oita.jp/kouikiweb/kochira.html (The rightmost movi)


Taketa, Taketa city, Oita


from Bungotaketa station (Houhi main line)

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