Para Para – Onomatopoeia

Para Para (ぱらぱら) ??? Sprinkle, drop,? Flip,

– The sound of rain especially for light rain.

ex)? It rains a little.? – 雨がぱらぱらふってきた。

The sound of flipping through a book.

ex) She is flipping through a guide book in order to find out where to go next.



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2 Responses to “Para Para – Onomatopoeia”

  1. kodaman より:

    Thanks for your comment derdood. There are more than 1.000 onomatopoeias in Japanese. We will try to gather expressions as many as we can!

  2. derdood より:

    i am very happy thos onomatopoeia axists as the thought of para para makes me really happy