Raikyu-ji Teien – Garden

Information : Raikyu-ji Teien| 頼久寺庭園

This garden built by Enshu Kobori is an Isle-of-Eternal-Youth type dry landscape garden style. It is worthy as a garden style in early stages of the Edo period. The island of crane and the island of a tortoise are arranged in the center of white sand . The garden uses Mt. Atago into a scenic backdrop (Shakkei technique), and Cutting of the azalea expresses the ocean.

Enshu Kobori : He was a first-term feudal lord in the first-term of Edo period, but has been very famous as a master of tea ceremony, an architect and a landscape gardener.

Shakkei : The technique of forming a dynamic scene by taking nature into the scenery in a garden as a background.

Hours : 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Fee : Adult / 300 yen


18 Raikyujicho, Takahashi city, Okayama


15 min walk from BitchuTakahachi Sta.(JR Hakubi line)

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