Shoren-in Monzeki

This temple was established in the 11th century and Shoren-in Monzeki is one of three Monzeki* in Tendai sect in Japan. The painting “The Blue Cetaka (Fudoo Myouou) ” is designated as the national treasure in Japan. Because the temple is dedicated to Shijyoko Nyorai,the god, light itself, the Lighting-up in Spring and in Autumn is performed. This is located near Chion-in having one of three biggest gates in Kyoto and Nanzen-ji temple. Viewing cherry blossom trees in this area (Higashiyama area) must be wonderful experience in Spring.

*Monzeki : The priest of the temple has been related to the imperial family.

Three Monzeki in Tendai sect : Shoren-in/ Sanzen-in (Ohara, Kyoto)/ Myoho-in


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