Soun Gorge

Soun Gorge | 層雲峡 (Soun-kyo)

Daisetuzan quasi-national park (Photo by Kotodamaya)


Information :

Here is designated as one of the 100 Autumn leaves spots in Japan.? The Japanese autumn colors begin from this Daisetsuzan quasi-national park. You can go up to the seventh stage of the mountain called Kurodake and can see the great view . Besides, there are some beautiful falls at Soun gorge area.? But be careful about bears because Kurodake is the bear-infested area!!

The Best time of Autumn Colors (Average year) : From early Oct to mid-Oct


Access :

To Soun kyo area – 30 min by bus from Kamikawa Sta. to Sounkyo Onsen Sta. (JR Sekihoku line)

To The seventh stage of Mt. black– 7 min by Rope-way + 10 min by Lift

* Rope way | One way – 1,000 yen / Round trip – 1,850 yen

* Lift | One way – 400 yen / Round trip – 600 yen

Address :Sounkyo, Kamikawa Town, Hokkaido


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