Usa Jingu

Not only for Chikuzen province but also for Japan, this is one of the most important shrines. More than 44,000 shrines using the name of Hachiman(八幡) such as Tsurugaoka Hachimangu (Kanagawa) or Iwashimizu Hachimangu have belonged to Usa Jingu(founded in 725) also known as Usa Hachiman. Deities are called Hachiman Sanshin which are Emperor Oojin (= Hondawake no mikoto), Empress Jingu (=Okitarashihime no mikoto) and Hime Ookami (= Munakata three goddesses : Tagiri hime, Tagitsu hime and Ichikishima hime on Nihonshoki).

The reason why Hachiman shrines were spread out in Japan was Emperor Oojin was worshiped as the god of sea or war and many samurai soldiers wanted to keep its luck.

The thought of harmonization of Shinto and Buddhism also started from here.

Enshrined deity :

Emperor Oojin (応神天皇)

Empress Jingu (神功皇后)

Hime ookami (比売大神)

Photos :

The object of worship Mt.Omoto (Photo by Katchaman) A road to Usa Jingu (Photo by Katchaman) The bridge of Usa Jingu (Photo by Katchaman)


2859 Minami Usa, Usa City, Oita


10 min by bus (Daiko hokubu bus) from JR Usa Sta.

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  1. katchaman より:

    Usa Jingu Shrine is the main home for all(44,000) Hachiman-gu shrines around Japan. I can recommend USA Jingu Shrine as one of the best sacred place in Japan.
    Usa jingu Shrine, constructed in the 6th century, is dedicated to the Emperor Ojin, his mother Empress Jingu – both of whom are legendary – and his deified wife Hime Okami. Usa-jingu is the chief of Japan’s Hachiman-gu shrines dedicated to the continental god of war. Hondo, the Main Hall of the Usa-jingu, composed of buildings constructed originally in the 8th century, is an example of Hachiman architecture, and is designated as a National Treasure. Important Cultural Properties at Usa-jingu Shrine include the Korean-made bronze bell and the sword. Surviving classical documents relating to the shrine have been designated as Tangible Cultural Properties by Oita Prefecture.