3 Major Buddha Statues

For people visiting Kamakura or Nara, a purpose in some cases will be to see a big buddha statue (Daibutsu in Japanese).

Japanese people like to pick the three things one way or another, in the Edo period, were the three major Buddha statues in Japan selected.

From those days to the present, the first has been the great statue of Buddha of Nara(Nara Daibutsu) . The second is considered to be the great statue of Kamakura(Kamakura Daibutsu). However, about the third, it is not to be settled whether the Buddha of Takaoka (Takaoka Daibutsu) or its of Gifu(Gifu Daibutsu).


Nara Daibutsu ( Information )

Location : Nara city, Nara

Constructed in : 752

Total Height : 18m




Kamakura Daibutsu (Information )

Location : Kamakura city, Kanagawa

Constructed in :( 1) The First woodesn statue in 1244 | (2) the current bronze statue in 1252

Total Height : 12.38 m




Takaoka Daibtusu ( Informarion )

Location : Takaoka city, Toyama

Constructed in : (1) The First statue in 1745, |(2) the current statue in 1933

Total Height : 15:85m



Gifu Daibutsu ( Information )

Location : Gifu city, Gifu

Constructed in : 1832

Total Height : 13.63m



ueno buddha (photo by shannonrossalbers)


Nagoya Daibutsu : Total height : 15m. It is extreamly green.

Ushiku Daibutsu : The Total Height is 120m.

Ueno Daibutsu : Only a face of Buddha has been remained at Ueno Park. (Constructed in 1681)



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