Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha

Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha (富士山本宮浅間大社 )

The object of worship is Mt.Fuji. Konohanasakuyahime was the wife of Ninigi no mikoto. In an old story Kojiki, since her chastity was doubted by Ninigi, she safely bore three princes at fired home. The reason why she lit the fire was that babies never were born in the fire, if they were not Ninigi’s son.? Many people visit here in order to pray a safety delivery for their babies.

Enshrined Deity :

Asama no ookami (浅間大神)

Konohanasakuyahime no mikoto (木花之佐久夜毘売命)


1-1,Miyamachi, Fujinomiya-shi,Shizuokam


10 min walk from Fujinomiya Sta.(Minobe line)

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  1. […] Sengen Taisha shrine is located in front of Mt.Fuji and Okumiya is located on the top of Mt.Fuji.? The site combing Sengen Taisha with Mt.fuji is selected one of 101 Special Preservation Areas of Historic Landscape. […]