Hirosaki Castle

Hirosaki Castle (弘前城)


After Sekigahara war, Oura clan (changed the name from Oura to Tsugaru later ) started to build Takaoka castle (Now called Hirosaki castle) in 1606. The main tower was burned down by thunderbolt in 1627, then three-storied castle tower was rebuilt in 1810. This is open to the public as a park and the surrounding Hirosaki Park is one of Japan’s 100 most famous cherry blossom spots. This castle is one of the 12 existing main castles in Japan.

Hours: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Fee: 300 yen

Link : A photo of Hirosaki Castle on Wikipedia


1 Shiroganecho, Hirosaki city, Aomori


2 min walk from Chiyakushomae-kouen iriguchi (15 min by Konan bus from JR Hirosaki station)

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