Hirosaki city – Aomori

Hirosaki city, Aomori | 青森県弘前市

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Information :

Hirosaki City is a famous castle town? that has prospered since the beginning of the 17th century.? Many scenic spots have been well remained. The most famous event in Hirosaki “Neputa Festival” is held in every August.

Spots in this area :

  • Hirosaki Castle
  • Traditional buildings at Nakamachi Area
  • Merchant Ishiba’ s house
  • Old Samurai residences
    • Former Ito house
    • Former Iwata house
    • Former Umeda house
  • Temple
    • Seigan-ji? (誓願寺)
    • Saisyo-in (最勝院)
    • Chosho-ji (長勝寺) and Zen temple area
  • Fujita Memorial Garden


Address :

Hirosaki city, Aomori

Access :

  • 45 min by train from Aomori Sta. to Hirosaki Sta.
  • 3 hours by bullet train from Tokyo to Hachinohe + 90 min by train from Hachinohe to Hirosaki

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