Tsumago Station town on Nakasendo highway

Tsumago station town

Tsumago station townTsumago is one of the sixty-nine station towns on Nakasendo connecting Tokyo with Kyoto. Here was prospered during the Edo period and local people started to restore this historical sites in 1968 under their rule “Not selling, not leasing and not breaking houses.” Tsumago station townIt is about 1km of length from end to end.

Spots in this area :

  • Shape-like-carp stone
  • The former Honjin of Tsumago station
  • The historical site of Terashita
  • Kotoku-ji temple
  • Odaki (Male fall) /Medaki (Female fall) etc…

Access to this area:

About 3 hours from Tokyo Sta. to Nagiso Sta.(南木曽) + 7 min by bus

(Tokyo –( shinkansen )–> Nagoya –(Chuo main line)–>Nagiso –(bus)–>Tsumago)


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