Kuroishi City – Aomori

Kuroishi City, Aomori | 青森県黒石市

culturalInformation :

As same as Hirosaki city, Kuroishi is also the castle town of Tsugaru clan which prospered in the 17th century. There are old merchant’s buildings on Komise Street.

Spots in this area :

  • Komise Street
    • Sake Brewery
      • Kikunoi (Narumi Sake Brewery)
      • Tamadare ( Nakamura Kamekichi Co.LTD)
      • Hatsugoma
  • Yokomachi Kaguji Street
  • Merchant’s house
    • Former Takahashi’s house

Address :

Kuroishi city, Aomori

Access :

30 min by train from Hirosaki Sta.

90 min by train from Aomori Sta.


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