Isasumi Jinja

Information : Isasumi Jinja (伊佐須美神社) was erected in B.C. 88 on the top of Mt.Mikagura then was moved to other moutains. It was moved to the present location in A.D. 560. It was desinated as Iwashiro province’s most important shrine in Meiji period (1868-1912).

The area of Iwashiro province is the west part of Fukushima prefecture.

Enshrined Deity :

Izanagi no mikoto 伊弉諾尊

Izanami no mikoto 伊弉冉尊

Oobiko no mikoto 大毘古命

Takenunakawawake no mikoto 建沼河別命


4377 Kou, Miyabayashi, Aizumisato town,Fukushima


12 min walk from Aizutakada Sta. (Tadami line)

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