Izusan Jinja

Information : It’s said that it was built in the fourth century at B.C. during the period of the 5th emperor Kosho(考昭天皇). It is known as a place where Enno Ozuno(役小角) who was the father of the mountaineering asceticism and Kukai who was the founder of Shingon school of Japanese buddhism trained themselves.

Enshrined Deity :

  • Honomusuhi no mikoto (火牟須比命)
  • Izanagi no mikoto (伊邪那伎命)
  • Izanami no mikoto (伊邪那美命)

708-1 Izusan-Uenoji, Atami city, Shizuoka


7 min by bus from Atami Sta.

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