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Awa Odori is originally from Tokushima prefecture, Shikoku region. This dance was born about 400 years ago and is designated as one of three dances for Obon* in Japan as same as Nishimonai Bonodori(西馬音内盆踊り) in Akita or Gujyo Odori (群上踊り) in Gifu. (Maybe many Japanese don’t know those except Awaodori.)

In Koenji, Tokyo prefecture, the festival called Koenji Awaodori was started as an economic development project in this area at first, then became a popular event in Tokyo. Now many dance teams come from the home of this dance, Tokushima to join this festival.

The good news is that this event is going to be held in 2011 even though many events are canceled.

Name : Koenji Awaodori

Date : Aug 27th , 28th , 2011

Time : 3:00 P.M- 6:00 P.M.

Location :Eight areas arround Koenji Station

The Ofiicitial Website : http://en.koenji-awaodori.com/

*Obon: The festival of Souls (Mid August)


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