Kota Jinja

Kota Jinja (居多神社) – Echigo(now called Niigata prefecture)’s most important shrine as well as Amatsu Jinja and Yahiko Jinja. Shinran (The founder of? Jodo Shishu) exiled from Kyoto to here and Jyoetsu city was influenced on him.? Reed’s leaf grown only in one of the two(Kataha no Ashi) , one of Seven mysteries in Echigo (mostly concerned with Shinran) can be found around Kota Jinja.

Enshrined deity:

Ookuninushi no kami (大国主神),

Nunagawahime no mikoto (奴奈川姫命),

Takeminakata no mikoto (建御名方命)


6-1-11 Gochi, Jyoetsu city, Niigata


30 min walk from Naoezu Sta. (there might be bus going to this area)

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