Takaoka Daibutsu (Buddha Statue)

Information :

Takaoka Daibutsu was constructed in 1745 but was often in the damage of a fire. Since Takaoka city has been is famous for manifucture of copper utensil, this current buddha statue made by bronze in 1933 is the symbol of Takaoka city. It might be selected as one of three major buddha statue in Japan, but Gifu Buddha statue is also said to be one ot those.

Total Height : 15.85m

Hours : 24h

Fee : Free

Takaoka Buddha Statue 1(Photo by Kotodamaya) Takaoka Buddha Statue 3(Photo by Kotodamaya)


11-29 Otemachi, Takaoka city, Toyama


8 min walk from Takaoka Sta.

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