The Castle town of Takayama – Gifu

The Castle town of Takayama – Gifu

Hida Takayama

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Takayama city has been paid attentions from foreigners because of local people’s efforts. Here is the perfect spot in which has a Onsen, delicious food, historic sites and old buildings.

Spots in this area:

  • Historic streets ( Kamiichinomachi, Kamininomachi and Kamisannomachi)
  • Takayama Jinya >> The marker on this map
  • The former residence of Yoshijima clan
  • The former residence of Matsumoto clan etc

Takayama area is well known as Hidatakayama (Hida + Takatama) area but, each area is designated separately in terms of 101 Special Preservation Areas of Historic Landscape.

The official website :

It supports eleven languages. <<here>>

Access to Takayama city :

2 hours 20 min by train (Takayama main line) from Nagoya Sta. to Takatama Sta.


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One Response to “The Castle town of Takayama – Gifu”

  1. Sasa より:

    Completely true! Thank you for noticing that. Takayama people are really taking good of their towns tourist offer and giving their best that tourist have something to see and have interesting time while being there. The food is delicious. Onsen is natural and picturesque. The nature is amazing. No matter are you coming here in winter or summer you will always remember Takayama as a warm place. Exactly because of the people. Everyone here is so pleasant.
    Hope you decide to come here. You are welcome!

    A little bit more info about Hida Takayama