The street of Kawagoe town – Saitama

Kawagoe town – Saitama | 川越市の蔵造りの街並み


photo by yendo0206

Information :

Kawagoe called “Little Edo” has preserved a feeling of Edo period with old houses.? After the conflagration at the Meiji era(1893), many merchant’s houses of Kurazukuri style (lit: warehouse style) were rebuilt. Since it is easy to access from the center of Tokyo, Kawagoe is one of the popular historic spots in Kanto region as well as Kamakura. Merchant’s houses and temples are objects to visit but just walking on a street can be enough to absorb the air of this old castle town.

Spots in this area :

  • Bell tower (時の鐘)
  • Kitain – Temple (喜多院)? 500 rakan statue
  • Hikawa Jinja – Shrine
  • The main enclosure of Kawagoe castle
  • Kurazukuri street

Address :

Motomachi, Kawagoe city, Saitama

Access :

About 40 min by train (Tojo line) from Ikebukuro Sta. to Kawagoe Sta. + 5 min walk


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