Tondabayashi – Osaka

Tondabayashi – Osaka

Information :

Tondabayashi city is a suburb town of Osaka now but here was prospered from the end of the 16 th century.? A fireworks festival produced by the religious sorority of Perfect liberty is one of the most famous FW festival in Japan.

Spots in this area :

  • Takidani Fudo myouou-ji temple (瀧谷不動明王寺)
  • Jinaimachi historic site? >> the marker on the map
    • Sugiyama clan’s house
    • Nakamura clan’s house etc
  • Ryusen-ji (龍泉寺)
  • Nishikoori shrine (錦織神社)
  • The tomb of Turtle-shaped stone

Access :

50 min by train from Tennoji Sta. to Tondabayashi Sta. (Kintetsu line)


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