Gokasho : the birthplace of Omi Marchants


Photo by PokePon, on Wikipedia

Gokasho (五個荘) is set as one of 101 Special Preservation Areas of Historic Landscape. Old houses have been preserved very well.

Spots in this area (Kondo Area) :

  • Ishiba-ji temple (石馬寺)
  • Guzei-ji temple (弘誓寺)
  • Jyungoro Nakamura‘s residence
  • Shigeru Sotomura’s residence
  • Hikoshiro Fujii’s residence ( there is a pond style garden ) > the marker on this map

Access :

10 min by bus from Notogawa Sta. + 2 min walk


about 40 min by train (Biwako line) from Kyoto Sta. to Omi Hachiman Sta. + 22 min by Omi rail road to Gokasho(五箇荘) Sta.


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