Old spots in Omihachiman City

Old Spots in Omihachiman City


photo by 663highland, on wikipedia

Information :

In the Shinto Religion, “Hachiman” is the god of war, life and culture. Omihachiman means literally Hachiman in Omi and here was prospered as a castle town of Omihachiman castle built by Hidetsugu Toyotomi ,hideyoshi Toyotomi’s nephew. American architect W.M. Vories came to here and spent most of his life in Omi hachiman.? There is a residential area called “Ikeda-cho” in which many of houses were designed by Vories.

Shimachi street

photo by 663highland, on wikipedia

Spots in this area :

  • Hachiman Canal
  • Honguwan-ji temple
  • Himure Hachiman Srhine >>the marker on this map
  • Shinmachi Street
  • Border less Art Museum
  • Omihachiman castle ruin

Access :

25 min walk or 5 min by bus from Omihachiman Sta.


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