Heitate Jingu

Heitate Jingu | 幣立神宮

Heitate jingu2 (Photo by Kotodamaya)

Information :

Heitate Jingu is located in Kumamoto near boundary with Miyazaki Prefecture and it is on the Median Tectonic Line of Japan on which there are many sacred sites such as Suwa Taisha, Ise jingu or Mt.Aso. It is said that here is the advent ground (called Takamagahara |高天原) in Japanese myth “Kojiki” (The Records of Ancient Matters). Beyond the main shrine, people can visit a sacred pond. This shrine is not big and isn’t easy to access, however ambassadors or senior officials from overseas and many people come to visit here during the grand festival called Goshikitaisai which is held once every five years. (A festival called Goshikisai is held on August every year)

Enshrined Deity :

The gods of Global Peace

  • Kamurogi no Mikoto | 神漏岐命
  • Kamuromi no Mikoto | 神漏美命

Heitate jingu (Photo by Kotodamaya) Heitate jingu3 (Photo by Kotodamaya) Heitate jingu4 (Photo by Kotodamaya)

The Sacred Pond of Heitate jingu (Photo by Kotodamaya) The Symbol - the pond of Heitate jingu (Photo by Kotodamaya) Heitate jingu5 (Photo by Kotodamaya)

Address :

712 Ono, Yamato Town, Kumamoto

Access :

90 min by car from Aso Sta.


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