Kakunodate Castle town – Akita

Kakunodate | 角館

Inforomation :

culturalKakunodate was founded by Ashina clan in 1620 (20 years later from Sekigahara war). After Ashina clan was extinct, this town was ruled by Satake clan. Old samurai residences and outmoded buildings and storehouses have been preserved very well.

Spots in this area :

  • Former Samurai Residences
    • Onozaki’s house
    • Aoyagi’s house
    • Ishiguro’s house
    • Iwahashi’s house
    • Matsumoto’s house
    • Onoda’s house
  • Merchant buildings etc..

Address :

Kakunodate town, Senboku city, Akita

Access :

45 min by train from Akita Sta. to Kakunodate Sta.


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