Matsumae castle town – Hokkaido

Matsumae Castle and the castle town | 松前家の城下町

Information :cultural

Matsumae prospered in the 16th century as the northernmost castle town in Japan. Many people visit to Matsumae castle and temples especially in spring season when Cherry trees bloom.

Spots in this area :

  • Matsumae Castle
  • Temples
    • Aun-ji temple (阿吽寺)
    • Sennen-ji temple (専念寺)
    • Ryu-un-in temple (龍雲院)
    • Hougen-ji (法源寺)
  • Old Samurai Residences? etc

Address :

Matsumae town, Matsumae gun, Hokkaido

Access :

60 min by train from Hakodate to Kikonai(木古内) + 90 min by bus to Matsumae stop


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