Matsumae castle

Matsumae castle (松前城)

Information: Matsumae was attacked by Buyo Enomoto and Toshizo Hijika and lost a war ( Boshin war) in 1868. After Meiji period started, most parts around this castle without the main tower were pulled down due to the establishment of prefectural system of Meiji government. Although the main tower wasn’t dameged, it was destructed by fire in 1949. This castle now was rebuilt in 1961 and is opened as a Matsumae park , one of 100 cherry blossom spots in Japan.

Link : A photo of Matsumae Castle on Wikipedia


Matsushiro, Matsumae town, Hokkaido


7 min walk from Matsushiro station (2 hours and half by bus from Hakodate)

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