The West district of Hakodate – Hokkaido

The West district of Hakodate | 函館西部地区の歴史的街並み

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Information :

There isn’t clear division of the west district in Hakodate. It is supposed to be the area of the old Hakodate doc. The Hakodate was prospered as the main port of northern-sea fishery in Meiji and Taisho era. Here has been selected as one of the 101 cultural climates of Japan in 2007. The western-style architecture and warehouses create the exoticism.

Spots in this area :

  • Catholic Motomachi Church
  • St.John’s Church
  • Orthodox Church
  • Slopes
    • Nijyukken saka(二十間坂)
    • Daisanzaka (大三坂)
  • The Old British consulate
  • Red Brick warehouse etc…

Address :

Suehiro town, Hakodate city, Hokkaido

Access :

20 min by bus from Hakodate Airport to Akodate Sta.


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