Matsushima – Miyagi

Matsushima | 松島


Photo by KimonBerlin, on Flickr

culturalInformation :

Matsushima has been selected as one of the three most scenic views in Japan. Since the view was too beautiful, Basho Matsuo who was the most famous poet couldn’t write a haiku. This area was famous in connection with Sendai feudal lord Masamune Date.

Spots in this area :

  • Godaido
  • Zuigan-ji temple
  • Enstu-in (the garden created by Enshu Kobori)
  • Saigyo modoshi no Matsu park? etc…

*Three most sceni spots in Japan: Matsushima(Miyagi) , Miyajima(Hiroshima), Amanohashidate (Kyoto)

Web : Matsushima offcial web

Address :

Matsushima town, Miyagi Prefecture

Access :

35 min by Senseki line from Sendai Sta. to Matsushima Kaigan Sta. 0r 25 min by Tohoku main line from Sendai to Matsushima Sta.


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