Old good spots in Gifu city

Old good spots in Gifu city related Nobunaga Oda

Gifu was historically one of the most important place during the Sengoku period. Nobunagara Oda who almost unified this country used to be the Daimyo in Owari (now called Aichi prefecture ) and had a battle against Saito clan who controlled this Gifu area.

Here is also well known as the place of Cormorant Fishing [鵜飼] (From March 11th to October 15th)

  • Gifu Castle
  • Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara river
  • Shoho-ji temple | One of three biggest buddha statue
  • Kawaramachi Street >> the Marker on this map
  • Station towns on Nakasendo highway | Goudo Jyuku and Kano Jyuku
  • Many temples and castle ruins

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