Old spots in Tokyo

Old spots in Tokyo | 東京都の風情のあるエリア

Narrow road at Kagurazaka (photo by Kotodamaya)photo taken at Kagurazaka

Information :

After the world war second, the center of Tokyo was became the burnt ruin.However, many areas were reinforced by people’s efforts.? Recently Yanesen area and Kagurazaka have gotten popular among foreign tourists since people can see not only old structures but also a life in Japan as well.

Spots :

  • Yanaka , Sendagi and Nedu called YANESEN Area
  • Hibiya Park
  • Jingu Gaien
  • Aoyama Icho namiki Avenue
  • Kagurazaka Area (神楽坂)
  • Kokyo Gaien National Garden and Kitanomaru park

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  1. kotodamaya より:

    When you arrive at Yanesen or Kagurazaka, I recommend that you find a narrow road and get lost. Because of complicated roads, you might get lost even with map. You may unexpectedly find out a shop, an old structure or anything what you think it is “Real Japan” in these area.