Zenko-ji temple

Information : Since Amitabha Buddha Statue was conveyed from Kudara to Japan in the middle of 6th century, Zenkoji temple was built in A.D. 644. That statue is the oldest existing Buddha statue in Japan but has never been opened to public since A.D. 654.

Because of gender equality is in a doctrine, it is said that there are many female visitors. The doctrine of Zenko-ji has spread out whole country and now there are 443 temples related to Zenko-ji in Japan.

A substitute statue (前立本尊) set in front of the oldest buddha statue unveils at intervals of seven years. In the photo below, you can see a wooden pillar (the height: 10m ) located in front of the main temple. The string tied here is connected with the finger of Hondo’s Buddha statue. It is said that? touching this pillar has the same virtuous deed as touching the main statue.

The statue unveils from Apr 5th to May 30th in 2009. Next time might be in 2016.

Idiom : Leading to the great result by chance – 牛にひかれて善光寺 (Ushi ni hikarete Zenkoji)

Zenkoji (photo by Kotodamaya)


491 Motoyoshi cho, Nagano city, Nagano


15 min by bus from Nagano Sta.

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