Udo Jingu

Udo Jingu | 鵜戸神宮

Udo Shrine 1 (Photo by Kotodamaya)

Information :

According to the legend, Toyotamahime no mikoto (Enshrined at Wadatsumi Shrine|海神神社| in Nagasaki) gave the birth to her son in this cape but couldn’t be ready the mosquito net of the cormorant’s wing before he was born.

Udo Jingu was originally erected in the B.C. 1st century. This is located on the Udo cape and main shrine was built in a cave. The style of going down stairs to visit to Udo Shrine might be weird? among Japanese , since most of shrines are needed to go up stairs to visit. Undama Prediction and turtle-shaped stone must be interesting.

Undama (Photo by Kotodamaya)Trying luck : Undama(運玉)
1. Get five Undama (Luck stones) | 5 balls – 100 yen.
2. Try to toss those into a depression. (Man : with left hand / Women: with Right hand)
3. If one of them lands the a center, it will make one’s wish come true.

Enshrined deity :

Hikonagisatakeugayafukiaezu no mikoto (日子波瀲武鸕草葺不合尊)

The god of Marriage / Easy delivery / Child care / Marine safety

Udo Shrine 3 (Photo by Kotodamaya) Udo Shrine 4 (Photo by Kotodamaya)

The depression of Udo Shrine (Photo by Kotodamaya) Udo Shrine 2 (Photo by Kotodamaya) Approach to Udo shrine (Photo by Kotodamaya)

Address :

3232 Miyaura, Nichinan city, Miyazaki

Access :

  • 90 min by bus from Miyakocity. or Miyazaki Airport to Udo Jingu sando Iriguchi (鵜戸神宮参道入口)+ 20 min walk
  • 90 min by train from Miyazaki sta. to Aburatsu Sta. + 20 min by bus + 20 min walk

* Both bus and train come once an hour.


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