Shugaku-in Imperial Villa

Information : Shugaku-in Imperial Villa | 修学院離宮庭園

Shugakuin imperial villa made at the middle in the 17th century has an upper imperial villa, a lower imperial villa and the middle imperial villa in the site of 54,000 square meters. A reservation in advance is needed.

Tours in Japanese (80 min) :

9:00 a.m.~/10:00 a.m.~/11:00 a.m.~/1:30 p.m.~/ 3:00 p.m.

(According to the official web, this tour is 3 km and? quite hilly)

Fee : Free

Website :


Shugakuinmuromachi, Sakyo ward, Kyoto city, Kyoto


20 min walk from Shugakuin Sta. (Keihan Eizan line)

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